What an exciting visit to WA!

It commenced with meetings with the Team Leader and staff of the Deaf Education Centre of Belmont City College in Perth, which included Teachers of the Deaf and Auslan Interpreters; where we had great discussions about ways to build teacher capacity in the use of captions and how to use captions to teach.

A long-awaited visit to Shenton Deaf Education in Shenton College, Perth – I have been wanting to visit here for at least 7 years! Wonderful visit and finally got to meet the talented captioners in the Caption Centre – generous sharing of ideas. I was also asked to present about the importance of captions, as part of the  Principal of the Shenton Deaf Education Centre’s presentation to mainstream staff.

A great meeting at Statewide Services Centre in Padbury with the School of Special Needs Sensory Visiting Teacher Team, which included sharing of ideas and discussions generated by my presentation ‘Teaching with captions – the curriculum unlocked.’ Lots of sharing and further brainstorming ensued re the building of teacher capacity.

The final visit was to Catholic Education of WA, meeting with a team leader and staff with very keen and interesting discussion.

Photo collage of places visited in WA